The Significance of Biker Patches

by on November 20th, 2014

Biker patches is a great tool in identifying the affiliation of a rider. They are typically attached to the back portion of the rider’s vest. Not only they represent the club of a rider or group of riders but they also signify the personality of the rider using them. For this reason, choosing the right biker patch design can require a lot of careful thinking and deliberation. Essential elements of the item such as shape, size, color and overall design are vital aspects that every rider is concerned about.

However, some riders do not follow any rule in choosing the design of their patches. Significance of Biker PatchesThey are more particular with the number of items they will be attaching on their vest as the quantity of the patches helps in determining the club or association that the riders belong. For example, a one-piece patch tells that the rider is affiliated with a certain motorcycle association. When a rider is a member of a specific biker’s club, then he has to use a two- piece patch. A three-piece patch is particularly used by outlaw motorcycle clubs. The American Motorcycle Association is the authority in recognizing biker’s clubs and any club that is not officially recognized by the association is considered as an outlaw motorcycle club.

The three-piece patches or the outlaw motorcycle club patches usually include crescent shapes, which are found above and below the emblem of the club. These crescent shaped designs are popularly known as rockers. They are the well-known symbols that indicate that the rider or group of riders belong an outlaw motorcycle club. However, some riders can also wear this kind of biker patches if they want to. Any rider or even an ordinary person can make use of these patches as they wish. Wearing a three-piece patch design does not necessarily mean that you are a member of any outlaw motorcycle club.

Based on the rule provided by the American Motorcycle Association, outlaw motorcycle clubs can use the 1% patch. On the other hand, American bikers who abide by the law usually use the 99% of biker patches. This stated rule is in accordance with the common notion that riders who belong in any motorcycle outlaw club are criminals. To avoid any confusion, most American bikers use the 99% patches as an indication of their membership in an officially recognized motorcycle club or organization.

One of the most popular designs used by riders is the number 13 patch. This design signifies the thirteenth letter in the alphabet, which is the letter M. The letter M can mean many different words that start with the letter. However, one of the most popular meanings of the letter M is marijuana. This can mean that the wearer of the patch either takes or sells drugs particularly marijuana.

Another popular design is the 9er or 9, which stands for the ninth letter in the alphabet, which is the letter I. Riders who make use of these patches typically have Indian blood. This is one of the easiest to understand symbols and significance. The Ace of Spades is another known design. This design means that the wearer will fight for his right until death. In addition, biker patches with flag designs often means the family lineage of the wearer. They can also refer to the place of origin of the bike.

Other biker patches include wing designs, which represent the achievements of the wearer. This design can also mean the wearer has committed a crime. Patches used by bikers can also indicate the position of the wearer in the club or organization. There are patches for any position such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms and so on. These patches can definitely provide a great deal of significance to riders.